13 Mar '15

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Friday Finds 3.13.15: Redesign For Joy

Laundry. Dentistry. Filing taxes.

Some things in life can be un-necessarily joyless. Have you ever wondered why?

Have you ever wondered how we could redesign the world to feel a sense of joy? Ingrid Fetell, IDEO Creative Director, writes all about … Read More

10 Mar '15

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Link Love 3.11.15

  • Life tips from Adam Kurtz.
  • Is this the future of the magazine?
  • Agree or disagree: Habits deaden the human experience.
  • I am so on board with Lighter, a healthy (and affordable) meal-planning and food delivery service.
  • Why communicators … Read More
06 Mar '15

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Friday Finds 3.6.15

Limited-edition beer never looked so good. Now in iDN volume 21, issue 6.

Read More

03 Mar '15

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Link Love 3.3.15

The last few weeks have been full of progress. More on new launches later this week! In the meantime…

  • Chocolate that honors typography. Yum!
  • Is health and wellness the new luxury symbol?
  • Who’s monetizing Snapchat? Exotic dancers.
  • Oh yeah. Bite Kite … Read More
03 Feb '15

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Link Love 2.3.15

The new SONOS logo pulses like a speaker.

Footwear envy: These cycling shoes from New Blanace/Tokyobike are swoon-worthy.

The Seahawks might have lost the Super Bowl, but these ads stole the show.

Starbucks and Match are sending love birds … Read More

30 Jan '15

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Friday Finds 1.30.15

It’s time for a chop!

When it comes to hair, I try to keep my ‘do creative, but low-maintenance. Working in a mix of corporate, collaborative, and creative environments, striking balance between expressing personality through my hair without “overdoing it” … Read More

27 Jan '15

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Link Love 1.27.15

The world’s biggest GIF must be seen from space. (Or above.)

Snowmaggedon: Boston uses SnowCOP to cope.

Who says you can’t swim? This Speedo ad featuring 91-year-old Master Swimmer Jurgen Schmidt will inspire you.

Matt Damon wants you to buy … Read More

23 Jan '15

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21 Jan '15

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Link Love 1.21.15

Little Green Dot wants to help you become a morning person.

Geek-out time: Infographics show your customers’ scrolling habits.

Mobile ads are not Internet ads.

Ever wish you consumed less potato-chip news?

Is your team overwhelmed and stressed out? Do … Read More

19 Jan '15

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This Girl Can

Celebrate what you do, no matter how you do it. #ThisGirlCan reminds every woman: I jiggle, therefore I am.

The This Girl Can campaign was created by UK government agency SportEngland, which found that 75 percent of women want to be more active, … Read More