23 Jan '15

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21 Jan '15

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Link Love 1.21.15

Little Green Dot wants to help you become a morning person.

Geek-out time: Infographics show your customers’ scrolling habits.

Mobile ads are not Internet ads.

Ever wish you consumed less potato-chip news?

Is your team overwhelmed and stressed out? Do … Read More

19 Jan '15

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This Girl Can

Celebrate what you do, no matter how you do it. #ThisGirlCan reminds every woman: I jiggle, therefore I am.

The This Girl Can campaign was created by UK government agency SportEngland, which found that 75 percent of women want to be more active, … Read More

18 Jan '15

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Friday Finds 1.16.15

Boston has been Polar Vortex 2.0 cold lately. Under my many layers of thermal underwear, wool socks, scarves, and my trusty Soïa & Kyo down coat, I’m trying to stay positive and remind myself that warmer weather will come … Read More

17 Jan '15

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Explore Creativity, Design, and Leadership with John Maeda

I made one impulse purchase on Cyber Monday last year: An annual Skillshare membership.

The email marketing was good. Really good.

For anyone who enjoys learning from others and continuing to build a creative skill set, Skillshare is a great resource. … Read More

13 Jan '15

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Link Love 1.13.15

CES reveals the snazziest trends in consumer electronics. Of course, wearables are a big player this year, including Misfit’s collaboration with Swarovski. (Swoon!)

It’s real. Mindfulness can change your brain.

Which industries are ripe for disruption?

So fascinating: A … Read More

09 Jan '15

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Friday Finds: How to be alone

Being alone in our present society raises an important question about identity and well-being. More at Brain Pickings.

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06 Jan '15

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Link Love 1.6.15

Why is everyone so busy?

Would you rent a pay-as-you-go BMW?

Instagram goes far, far beyond photo sharing.

Ever considered shaping the new year with a one-word theme?

A word on hospitality: What if it was your only job?

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03 Jan '15

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New Year resolutions

Happy 2015! Wherever you are, I hope you were able to celebrate the new year your way.

Like 47% of Americans, I geared up for 2015 by making New Year resolutions, hoping mine will be among the 8% that actually succeed. … Read More

31 Dec '14

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Year In Review: 2014

On the precipice of each New Year, I love to take stock of the year I’m saying good-bye to. Reflecting on what I’ve done, where I’ve gone, and who I’ve met brings many emotions to the surface, all with learning … Read More