22 Aug '15

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The Content Strategist’s Checklist

  • Is it coherent?
  • Is it relevant?
  • Is it meaningful?
  • Is it inspiring?

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18 Aug '15

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Link Love 8.18.15

These tiny road signs alert human city dwellers about their fellow residents.

Simplistic vs. Simplicity.

One of my favorites: Workshop materials on omnichannel content strategy.

This house’s walls are shape-shifting… and sustainability-changing.

Could there be an app for loneliness?

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31 Jul '15

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Friday Finds 7.31.15

Get stuff done in 90-minute chunks.

How to figure out what you want to do with your life.

You have no credibility… yet.

Can you retrain your brain for information overload?

Go ahead. Go get that dream job.

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30 Jul '15

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Ad Not Here

Brian Kane’s installation “Healing Tool” (2015) uses digital billboards on interstate highways to re-introduce drivers to the nature around them. What do you think?

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21 Jul '15

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Feelers from Ari Weinkle on Vimeo.

Feelers is a typographic experiment based on the movement of animal appendages.

Check out the full project on Behance:

Music – "Greek Light" by Darkside

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07 Jul '15

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Link Love 7.7.15

Image: “Eye See You” by Franck Nederstigt

Take a selfie, make a purchase.

Hell is other people. Heaven is other people. Secret of adulthood, wisdom by Gretchen Rubin.

This is a good one: Agencies should act like partners, less like vendors.

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03 Jul '15

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Friday Finds 7.3.15: Relax!

(Image: Tim Lahan)

Happy 4th of July weekend, America, and happy weekend to all!

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01 Jul '15

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Happy Anniversary

Today marks my two-year anniversary with New England. It’s been a wild ride, loaded with self-discovery, knowledge, and growth.

Onto the next two!

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30 Jun '15

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Link Love 6.30.15

Hello, fashion-forward virtual reality headsets from FIELD. (Also, hello everything else at FIELD!)

New times call for new directions. (Seth Godin blog)

Lilly Pulitzer geofilters are now available on SnapChat. Thanks, LaForce+Stevens!

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23 Jun '15

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Link Love 6.23.15

This is Twitter’s top secret project lightning.

The great thing about minimalism is that it is a choice. (Brian Gardner)

This PSFK Mini Brief on virtual reality is a must-read.

Powerade billboards let you get your sweat on.

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