25 Nov '14

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Link Love 11.25.14

How to make ridiculously good coconut butter.

25 ways to handle a $1K windfall.

Boston Love: Can Boston’s startup culture become the healthiest startup culture?

This beautiful heat map pinpoints the most photographed places in the world.

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18 Nov '14

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Notes from The Capitol

Hello from Washington, DC! This week is going to be a quiet one on the blog as I run alongside 30K neuroscientists at The Society For Neuroscience annual meeting. See you next week.

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14 Nov '14

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Friday Finds 11.14.14

Are you a complete sucker for food porn, too? Now that it officially feels like Fall, it’s time to bust out the crock pot and load up on butternut squash, potatoes, and the latest “hot” veggie: cauliflower! These delicious … Read More

12 Nov '14

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This satire is so perfect. Dangerously perfect!

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10 Nov '14

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Link Love 11.10.14

What do you think of the Amazon’s new product, Echo?

How to bake cupcakes that look like ice cream cones.

Kristin Davis is standing up for elephants.

These desktop goodies are the cutest.

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08 Nov '14

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Living Deliberately

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that … Read More

07 Nov '14

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Friday Finds 11.7.14

The cold has settled in Boston, and it’s finally time to get cozy indoors!

One of the “new” things I appreciate about living in Boston is the experience of real, different seasons. Summer is muggy. Winter is Polar Vortex. Spring … Read More

03 Nov '14

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Link Love 11.3.14

The elusive art of inner wholeness

How to draw the perfect circle 

This is our planet 

This is what a social detox looks like

What’s your blog about?

UI vs. UX 

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15 Oct '14

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05 Oct '14

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Dealing with Pinterest wedding saturation

I may not be part of Pinterest’s main demographic, but pins are definitely adding pressure to start crackin’ at major life events on me. Every time I log onto Pinterest, this is more or less what I see:

It’s great to … Read More