24 Apr '15

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The Anti-Creativity Checklist

I couldn’t help but LOL very loudly while watching Youngme Moon‘s tongue-in-cheek video about how some organizations are where creative ideas go to die…

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21 Apr '15

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Link Love 4.21.15

How Demian Farworth writes.

Om nom nom alert! This mac and cheese looks sooooo goood.

OMG hashtag pant! <3

Go ahead. Give your gratitude practice a boost.

LOL advertising. BBDO New York shares the story of one women, a Snickers bar, … Read More

17 Apr '15

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14 Apr '15

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Link Love 4.14.15

Permission to Pin: Man-ou-flage for Pinterest

Can you take responsibility for all the communication you put into the world?

If you love Spring Cleaning, would you consider a work-life improvement pilot?

How cool are these half bikes?!?

This wild mushroom pâté … Read More

03 Apr '15

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Friday Finds 4.2.15

Michael Beirut shares the primitive power of logos. “Random shapes” are brought to life and start to bear meaning, cultivating value over time and evolving into “beings” of their own. What logos bring meaning to you and what logos have evolved … Read More

20 Mar '15

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Friday Finds 3.20.15

Happy Friday! I’m off to Seattle for the weekend and then to San Francisco for a week of content marketing brilliance at the annual Intelligent Content Conference. I can’t wait to meet with other content geeks, see what everyone is … Read More

17 Mar '15

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Link Love 3.17.15

Coloring book subscription services for grown ups. Yes, one exists. Brilliant.

How much does * cost in the United States? A study of searches by state.

How to take better Instagram photos.

This is a godsend: Designer apps and hacks.

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13 Mar '15

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Friday Finds 3.13.15: Redesign For Joy

Laundry. Dentistry. Filing taxes.

Some things in life can be un-necessarily joyless. Have you ever wondered why?

Have you ever wondered how we could redesign the world to feel a sense of joy? Ingrid Fetell, IDEO Creative Director, writes all about … Read More

10 Mar '15

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Link Love 3.11.15

  • Life tips from Adam Kurtz.
  • Is this the future of the magazine?
  • Agree or disagree: Habits deaden the human experience.
  • I am so on board with Lighter, a healthy (and affordable) meal-planning and food delivery service.
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06 Mar '15

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Friday Finds 3.6.15

Limited-edition beer never looked so good. Now in iDN volume 21, issue 6.

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